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They all wear a mask but have good intentions. They are the perfect partners for kid’s adventures! Ze Super Zeros are hero friends whose ‘zuper powers’ and problems blend together. They have their pluses and minuses, but each one is super special! Designed in France, these six courageous friends each have a special super-power... and a super-challenge, offering a fun way to help children understand their own unique qualities and differences. For example, Zipo the Hippo is a super-fast swimmer but he doesn’t like to get wet! Suitable for ages birth and up, each Super Zero has their own removable cape that can also be used as a comforter and a small pouch that children can use to hide their own little treasures. Super Zeros are 23cm tall and are surface washable making them a super companion for children of all ages. Supported by adorable, animated consumer website, visit http://www.ze-superzeros.com to meet all of the characters and see them act out their super powers. Introduce Ze Super Zeros into your store today and watch the pluses add up!
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